The RIBIAL presents it self as a family business dedicated to the production and sale of home textile articles. The constant preoccupation with the services provided made us one of the biggest business partners in this sector.

Specialists in the production of Piece Dyed, Dyed Yarn e Jaquard.

With the continuous advancement of technologies, we developed in the last years several techniques of piece dyed and effects of wash like fade out, stone wash and anothers that promote the innovation and assure the increase of our creativity.

We dispose completely new and high technology looms. In this way, we achieve a greater flexibility in the widths of the fabrics and the production of customized articles.

Products in 100% of cotton or any other type of fiber existing in the market: Linen, Polyester, Viscose, etc.

Products in organic cotton that respect the environment and are known for their antibacterial characteristics.


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The brand

Starting from the desire of create something new, borns the brand "Seeds Concept".

This collection is available in stock and matches all the needs of our current customers who search for a careful image and of quality for their articles.

We hope this presentation of our services and objectives has awakened in itself the desire to know us better and who knows build solid and successful partnership.

Our respect and preoccupation for the profitability of your business will certainly create the confidence that you need for one future cooperation with mutual benefits.

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Rua de Argemil, 40
4780-403 – Santo Tirso

 Phone: +351 252 830 020   Email: ribial@ribial.com

 Fax: +351 252 808 182